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Hello there, I'm so glad you're here!

My name is Keralynda and I'm a Realtor® here in Tri-Cities, Washington. I've called this region my home for more than 20 years, and I've been working in Real Estate for nearly ten of those years. With this background, I've had the privilege of experiencing for myself why people want to build their lives here. Why people want to play, make livelihoods, buy and sell homes, raise their families, and grow old here. Tri-Cities is home to many, and more every day. If you're looking to make this area your home, I'd love to be the one to assist you!

Growing up as a contractor's kid, I've been involved in and around new build homes, renovations, and addition projects for as long as I can remember. Every house with a little imagination, a lot of hard work, and love can transform into something entirely different from before. I've seen and done what it takes to build a home. Whether it's the home you dream from the ground up, labor towards spending late night hours on renovations, or joyfully create when you're handed new keys and hanging pictures of your loved ones on the wall. I've lived in, worked for, and loved all of these homes. All 16 of them.

With my work in Real Estate, I've worked with first-time home buyers, investors, families, empty nesters, veterans, long term residents of Tri-Cities, as well as brand new transplants. All of them looking to find 'home', whether it was for themselves, or for another. I have always had an affinity for what makes a 'home'. So if you're looking, I'd love the opportunity to help you find yours. Please feel free to contact me for any and all of your Real Estate needs.

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